Website Design

Multiple pages with static or dynamic content

mobile responsive website

MerseyAds can provide everything you need to get your business online

  • Complete website design & development
  • Fast Hosting making sure your pages load quickly, on mobile devices too
  • Email addresses at your website domain, set up to receive and forward emails to your preferred email address, e.g. hotmail, gmail, etc
  • Minor design or content changes and page additions
  • Optional domain name registration

Responsive Design for Mobiles and Tablets

Responsive Website Design (RWD) means the pages of your website will adjust to fit the width of each type of device. This means your website will look good on a computer, tablet or mobile device. The websites we design are responsive by default.

Information is Key

All you have to do is give us as much information as possible about your business so we can lay it out across the pages of your website.

If you've already got some pictures, logos or even reviews from happy customers, make sure you email it all over to us.

Have a think of the pages or sections you want to see on your website so we can incorporate it all into the design.

If you want to add content to the website yourself or have the ability to change the wording on any of the pages, we build a bespoke content management system based on your requirements.

desktop website

What type of Website Do You Need?

Once we have designed the website, will you need to change the information on any of the pages? Do you want to upload images to a gallery? Do you need to add products? Will you be adding news or articles? Have a think and decide if you require standard website design or website design with a content management system custom built for you.

Standard Website Design - £109

Choose this option if the information on your website is not likely to change after we have designed it and you don't need to login to the site to add or update news or products.

1st year hosting
12 months of minor changes

Website Design with CMS from £159

Choose this option if you require a website with any of the following kind of abilities...

Upload your own pictures, add news or events, list products or services, change the text on any of your pages

1st year hosting
12 months of minor changes

Value for Money, you get all this...

These website packages include all the up front website design, a full year of website hosting, email forwarding and our unique selling point is you also receive a full year of minor design or content changes! That means when you need more pages adding later on, a logo replacing, a telephone number changing, just email us, it's included in the price.

At the end of the year you can renew your website package for the equivalent of just £3.25 a month, that's a low renewal fee of only £39 (plus domain name renewal if applicable). This low renewal price INCLUDES another year of minor design changes too! That's unbeatable value for you. You can decide not to renew if you want your website to expire, domain name too if registered by us.  The website we design can't be transfered to another hosting provider.


Or click here and save money with a single page website

Ready for Your New Website?

Once you have an idea of what you would like, in terms of features and pages, tell us the details by filling in the form below to contact us. We can answer any questions you may have and we'll be able to tell you if there's any more information we'll need.  We aim to start the website design straight away.

What about the Domain Name?

We can either register a new domain name for you for your website (for a small fee) or we can give you the settings required to point your existing domain name to the new website with MerseyAds. Be sure you have access to your domain name control panel if you want to use a domain name you have already registered.

What about the Hosting?

The websites we design run on our choice of servers and we'll make sure your website runs as it should so you don't have to worry about performing any maintenance tasks yourself.

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