Thinking about Leaflet Distribution in Liverpool?

It can be fun to deliver your own leaflets door to door when you first start off. If you only have to distribute a couple of hundred leaflets it won't seem so bad, but if you've ever delivered a thousand, or say 5000 leaflets, you'll know you need to have lots of spare time. It can take 6 to 8 hours to deliver just 1000 leaflets so that's 30 to 40 hours to distribute 5000 leaflets to a typical mix of terraced, semi detached and detached houses with driveways.

Leaflet Distributions around Liverpool and Merseyside

We arrange door to door leaflet distribution to residential properties in many locations in Liverpool and Merseyside. Whether you're looking for a door drop in Anfield, Aintree, Maghull, Halewood, Kensington or anywhere else in Merseyside, we can take the hassle out of arranging your Liverpool leaflet distributions.

What is the response rate for a leaflet distribution?

The response rate of a door drop will be different for each advertiser, but after research the Direct Marketing Association has discovered that 89% of consumers will remember a door drop mailing. That's a good figure, it means advertisers gain brand awareness right away. Brand awareness creates loyalty and loyalty leads to more sales. Click here for the full DMA article.

Door Drop Option #1: A Shared Distribution

If you're happy to have your leaflet delivered with a leaflet from another business or two, you can usually save money on the distribution costs.

Bear in mind another business needs to choose the same area and same quantity of leaflets to be delivered. Therefore this method of distribution will require another business to be ready that matches your requirements.

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Door Drop Option #2: A Solus Distribution

If you prefer your leaflet to be delivered on its own, with no other leaflet from any other company, then a solus distribution is the name of the service you need.

It's a more costly option compared to a shared distribution, but a solus leaflet distribution means we can deliver your leaflets exactly where you want them to go, when you want them to go.

Typical prices based on your A4 or A5 flyer delivered on its own:

2,000 flyers distributed £150

5,000 flyers distributed £350

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Get in touch

If you are interested in a door to door leaflet distribution in Liverpool or Merseyside and want to know if we can deliver your flyers, contact us now and tell us:-

  • the size of the leaflet and how many there are
  • Where you'd like your leaflets distributing
  • any dates or timescales you need us to work to

Important Note: We are only providing leaflet distribution services around the Orell Park/Walton/Bootle area at the moment. Have a look at this page to save more money

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