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Information about The PT Agent

Personal Trainer Liverpool


Looking for a professional, qualified personal trainer in Liverpool? Look no further...

Finding a personal trainer in Liverpool with The PT Agent couldn’t be easier. It is our aim to get you on the track towards where you want to go, with a trainer that you are happy to run the track with. Working with a personal trainer keeps you motivated towards reaching and maintaining your fitness goals. By building a relationship with your trainer, you have the capability to smash your targets and lead a healthy life. So if you're in the North West and looking for a personal trainer, Liverpool or the surrounding areas, get in touch!

Unsure which path to take? Get in touch and we can tell you what we think would be the best course of action for you. If you wish to find out more about the personal trainers verified by The PT Agent, you can view more information about each of trainer so you can make the best, and most informed decision. So browse the website and see if you can get a personal trainer today!

About The PT Agent

The PT Agent is a great way for health and fitness professionals to gain more clients, therefore increasing your earning potential. It is also a cost effective way to advertise the skills and services that you have to offer.

You will have you're own designated page on our website which we assign to you. All you need to do is send us some photographs, a show-reel, some information about yourself, your skills and strengths. You let us know exactly what it is that you want your potential clients to see, and we will put it on our website. There is also a customer review board on your profile page that will enable potential new clients to see what other customers think of the service that you provide. We will consistently promote our website and you as a fitness professional to ensure we do all that we can to help grow your business and your reputation. When we succeed, you succeed.


How Does The PT Agent Work?

The way the system works begins when you pay a £120 yearly membership fee, in which you will receive every benefit that comes with being a PT Agent verified personal trainer. Once you are up and running on our website, you will then be applicable to receive any client who is interested in your service via the website. 

How Do I Get Clients?

Once you have set up your account with The PT Agent, any potential client who is interested in your service will get in touch via the website. We will then pass the client information over to you, so that you can decide whether you are happy to take on the client or not. When we pass over a client, you have the choice to either decline the client, which costs you nothing, or pay a one off fee of £15 for the client. Any repeat business moving forward is all yours without any obligation to pay The PT Agent any fees.