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2a St. John's Road, Wirral, CH45 3LU

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Information about Tatt-Less

Tatt-Less offers professional laser tattoo removal throughout Wirral. We are friendly, fully trained and will offer you the best service. Ring us on 0151 542 5035 and we will be happy to answer your questions and arrange an appointment convenient to yourself. Tatt-Less also offers carbon facial rejuvenation. Call for details!


We use the latest Medical Grade Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser, which is one of the most effective used for tattoo removal.The Q-Switched lasers produce a high powered beam of laser light at a speed that is too fast to heat the skin, the very short pulse of light penetrates the skin without breaking it and is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, The ink particles are then broken down into smaller pieces; your body’s immune system recognises these particles as something that shouldn’t be there and removes them naturally via the body’s own natural elimination system. Gradual fading of the tattoo occurs over a series of treatments and under normal conditions, the process which breaks down the tattoo ink begins 2 weeks after the laser treatment. The ink will continue to evacuate the body for approximately 4-6 weeks. For this reason, treatments are scheduled no closer than 4 weeks apart.



Protective eye shields are provided and the skin will be cleaned, The laser is then passed over the tattoo releasing quick pulses of light, an audible clicking noise is often heard as the ink particles break down, an instant whitening or blistering of the skin is seen after the treatment, but this generally fades quickly within 15 minutes. Immediately following the treatment an ice pack can be applied to soothe the treated area. The area may be tender for up to 48 hours, a bandage or dressing may be used to protect the area and aloe Vera applied. The location will need to be covered with sunblock when out in the sun during the healing process. Initially the tattoo is unlikely to look any different but will fade over the following 4-8 weeks as the body disperses it.



Following your treatment an antibiotic ointment will be applied to the area and a dressing may be used, after your treatment the skin may be red and swollen; this is normal and after care instructions will be included in your consultation.