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BH Autos

29b Cemetery Road, PR8 6RH

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Information about BH Autos



 A local business built on quality, reputation & customer recommendation

Complete Computer Diagnostics
Complete Safety Analysis
Drivability Problems
Servicing & Repairs
Oil Changes
Brakes & Exhausts Systems
M.O.T Services
Steering and Suspensions
All aspects of mechanical work


Servicing & Repairs


BH Autos based in Southport, offers the highest standards of car servicing  across all makes and models. Car servicing is an essential  component of good car care. It will allow us to inform you of potential  problems before they arise, it will enhance the value of the car when it comes  to resale and above all it will keep your car roadworthy and safe.


Brakes & Exhausts


At BH Autos we understand the importance of your brakes.

For routine maintenance, it’s important to check the vehicle’s braking system  at least once a year. A thorough inspection should include brake lining wear,  brake fluid level, rotor thickness, condition of hoses and brake lines, brake  and dash warning lights, as well as taking the car for a test drive to detect  other potential brake system problems.

Exhausts have many functions, to improve engine performance, to improve fuel consumption, to keep fumes away from passengers and to control noise given off by the engine.

If you think you have a problem with your exhaust then feel free to drop in.

Alternatively you can give us a call or fill in the contact form and we will be happy to give you a quote.