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ACSL Ltd Solicitors

10 High Street, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 7HA

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Information about ACSL Ltd Solicitors

Our approach to Personal Injury claims

You will receive an outstanding service directly from one of our Personal Injury Solicitors. Our clients are given both professional advice and care, supporting people on their road to recovery.

Free Confidential Consultation

The process begins with a free, confidential chat either here at our office, in your own home or workplace, or over the phone. We will ask you to tell us all about how the accident happened, what injuries you have suffered and what expense you have been put to as a result. Armed with that information, we can advise you whether you are entitled to compensation, and if so, we can also give you an initial idea of the likely amount of compensation you could receive. This will help you decide whether you want to go ahead with making a claim.

Presenting your case

If you then decide to go ahead with a claim, we will make contact with your opponent and their insurance company. We will present your case in a way that gives you the best chance of winning your case and receiving compensation. We will explain why you are entitled to compensation and what injuries and financial losses you have suffered. The vast majority of our cases are settled by negotiation, without ever having to go to court.

Having been presented with your case, your opponent has about three months in which to investigate the circumstances of the case and tell us whether or not they agree you are entitled to compensation. If they deny your entitlement, they have to explain why, and they must also support their argument with any evidence they will rely on. We will assess the strength of their evidence against the strength of yours, and will advise you whether you have a strong case.

If you do have a strong case, we will recommend that you sue your opponent, and if you wish to go ahead we will then prepare your court case for you.

How much will you get?

If they admit at that stage that you are entitled, we then calculate the amount of your claim. We obtain a report from an independent doctor about the severity of your injuries and we add up your total financial losses such as lost earnings. This then forms the basis for our negotiations as to the amount you should receive. If we cannot reach agreement on a suitable figure, we will ask a judge to decide how much you should receive.

ACSL Ltd will arrange everything for you

At ACSL Ltd our Personal Injury Solicitors will give you the best chance of winning your case and claiming compensation whatever your accident.

We will provide clear and accurate legal advice, whilst negotiating maximum injury settlement.

We will arrange physiotherapy to help you heal more quickly and will ensure your legal rights are upheld. We will also help with claiming compensation to recover your lost earnings and will update you regularly on the progress of your injury settlement.

We will do all the paperwork, leaving you to rest and recover knowing that we’re doing the best job possible on your behalf.

For more information call 0151 346 1375 today to talk to one of our Solicitors.

No Win No Fee

Our ‘no win no fee’ promise means exactly that. If you win your case, you should receive 100% compensation and in addition to that, the costs of the claim will usually be recovered from the other side. There are very few exceptions to this but we will explain this to you before you start your ‘no win no fee’ claim.