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posted June 2017

There are plenty of business directory websites for you to add your details to, but if most people use Google to find a business, you may have wondered if there's any point in using any of them at all.

Google uses an ever changing formula to decide which websites are more important and relevant when presentiing you with search results. Google treats many directory websites as being authoritive and finding consistant details for a business across multiple directory websites can be a useful indicator to Google that the business is relevant. Google may award a higher score to a business that has authoritive websites, such as directory websites linking back to them, in this part of the equation at least,

The simple reason to add your details to directory websites is to compete with other businesses in your category.  What happens when you search on Google for "Double glazing in Liverpool"?  Not far below the paid listings you will see some directory websites such as Yell appearing in the first page results.  As these are top results, plenty of people will click the directory links to find a business. If you want more people to find your business, you should think about this.  Your website might not always appear on the first page of Google results, but a business directory where your details are listed on, just might.

If you pay someone, such as an SEO company, to improve your Google rankings, one of the first tasks usually performed is to add your business details to a range of business directory websites for the above reasons.

You can easily add your details to a number of business directory websites yourself, rather than paying someone else to do the work and doing one or two a day won't take up too much time.  Write down and store your login details for each site though as you may need to change something in the future and it's important you can do so quickly.

Start with 'Google My Business'.  How?  What's that?  Go to Google and search those words.  Once you've found it, create an account and fill in your details. Google displays local business results from this information right under the paid adverts on the first page!  Next, add your business details to whichever directories list high in Google when you search for keywords relevant to your business.  Search many different keywords and phrases relevant to your business, try each with and without your location included in the search too, to find local directories.  Make sure your business name, address and other contact details match on every site you are listed on. Always aim to have accurate details across all directory sites, as you simply don't know which results Google will present to the user.

You can also add your details to the Merseyside Business Directory on this website. When you do so, we set up a free page for your business and it is optimised for Google to find keywords and relevant terms about your business.