A Magazine Distribution to 5,000 homes in Liverpool

A cheap alternative to leaflet distribution in Liverpool. This method gets your business noticed, creating loyalty and extra sales at the best price.

Advertise in Liverpool

If you want to advertise in liverpool and gain new customers, our magazine is one of the cheaper methods for local businesses, or any national company looking for leads in Liverpool, to grab the attention of FIVE THOUSAND families in a specific postcode area.

Our full colour magazines promote a nice variety of businesses, shops and local services to a targeted area. As our advertising magazines are more interesting than a single flyer dropping through the letterbox, there's more chance of people looking at it and keeping hold of it.

So if you've been thinking of advertising, have a new product, a service people are looking for, or you are looking for people to join your work from home business, this is a great chance to make people aware of it.

Our magazine method reaches 5,000 homes and saves you a lot of money compared to buying leafets and paying to have them distributed on their own.

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What is the Response Rate for such a Distribution?

The response rate of a door drop will be different for each advertiser, but after research the Direct Marketing Association has discovered that 89% of consumers will remember a door drop mailing. That's a good figure, it means advertisers gain brand awareness right away. Brand awareness creates loyalty and loyalty leads to more sales. Click here for the full DMA article.

You Vs an Established Brand

You may be a small business thinking you can't compete against a bigger and more established competitor. Does that make a distribution like this is a waste of time? No, not at all. When people get to hear about your business, see your name, your logo, become aware of your products, then you become an established brand too. At least locally. A well known Liverpool taxi firm puts adverts through your door, on billboards, everywhere and gains a lot of customers in return, simply because people remember their advert and their name and become loyal to their brand.

Affordable Magazine Advertising in Liverpool

If you advertise and your competitor doesn't, you can win customers.

You can test us out and grab an eighth page advert for £25 or a quarter page advert for £30.
If you prefer, you can take a half page advert in our magazine for £45 or a full A5 page for only £79.

This is a great way to save money advertising in a local area, alongside other local, non-competing businesses.

If you operate a shop or a cafe, you could offer a discount that's only available with the magazine. This will generate more interest in your advert, plus you'll see the response rate as people show you the magazine to claim the discount.

Do we have businesses waiting, matching your area? Tell us your target postcode area (or areas) and the size of the advert you wish to place. Places are limited in each magazine, so when we have enough businesses confirmed for your area, we move on to the design and print stage.


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